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The CPM Extrusion Group is part of the CPM Group, which has numerous subsidiaries around the world, including companies that provide the world's leading process equipment and systems. CPM has a wide range of products serving different end markets. Our subsidiaries specialize in mass production and value-added services, while providing lasting value to customers, employees, shareholders and the community.

American Century is the first extrusion product manufacturing company acquired by CPM Group in 2006. American Century, based in Traverse City, Mich., has decades of experience developing high-precision twin-screw extrusion systems and high-performance process components. We have accumulated valuable experience in process application and system design by serving different mixers worldwide.

In 1993, Nanjing Ruia was founded. In 2007, CPM Group of the United States fully acquired Nanjing Ria. Nanjing Ruiya is one of the leading manufacturers of twin screw extruders in China, with a complete range of products and a wide range of applications, as well as mixing systems and technical support. Through the continuous innovation of equipment technology, technology and engineering in the field of technology development, as well as providing perfect after-sales technical support for the industry, Nanjing Ruiya has achieved outstanding performance in the market, and won widespread praise. Now, Nanjing Ria is one of the largest production and installation bases of extrusion machinery in Asia. We provide different series of models for customers to choose from, such as TSE series with good quality and low price, RXT series with high speed, high torsion and high yield, and CX series with high torsion. We have a complete range of equipment to meet the different needs of different customers.

The confidence of domestic and foreign customers in Nanjing Ria comes from our many years of practical experience, especially the theory and experience we have accumulated in the field of professional process design and processing application. In 2017, Germany Extricom officially joined the CMP Extrusion Group. Extricom sells blending and finishing lines, spare parts and service support. Based in Laufen, Germany, Extricom develops and manufactures coaxial twin screw and planetary extrusion systems with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, assembling, servicing, and experimental research and development.

Today, the extrusion group's three companies in Asia, Europe and the Americas provide more than 4,100 extrusion systems to our customers worldwide. We share our experience with our customers and show them our quick response, our excellence in machinery and equipment and our spirit of striving in the industry, so as to have a positive impact on the industry. We always work closely with our customers to provide the best overall value for our customers, whether it is the demand of accessories for existing models or the realization of the overall blending scheme. We have always been customer-centric, no matter where the customer is, we will provide you with quality services and products. To truly achieve our goal: local services, worldwide.

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